Valencia Attractions

Top Things To Do and Visit in Valencia



Valencia Attractions

The Gothic Cathedral

1.   Located in the Plaza de la Reina, founded in the 13th century built on the ruins of a former Mosque it incorporates a number of architectural styles predominately Gothic.  The most celebrated treasure found here is the Santo Cáliz said to be the famous Holy Grail.

La Lonja

1.   The silk exchange and leading exponent of civil Gothic Spain.  The complex is comprised of the Salón de Contratacíon or Trading Hall where commercial exchanges took place, Consulado del Mar or Consulate of the Sea where the chapel and the prison area located and finally el Patio de los Naranjos or Courtyard of Orange Trees.


The Modernist Central Market

1.   Located at the Plaza del Mercado not only is the building exceptional but the smells, colors and the quality of its products are a definitely a treat.  Las paradas or market stalls are organized by product so all the fish are together, meats, fruits etc. and the clerks are dressed with starched aprons and absolute delight.

La Paz

Take a leisurely stroll along the street of La Paz which joins the emblematic Plaza de la Reina, la Glorieta and Parterrea.  Here you will see some of the most valuable and eclectic buildings in the city, as you make your way towards la Torre De Santa Catalina where the street ends, you will pass various jewelry stores a number of them more than a century old.



Gardens of Turia

Valencia is like a Spanish Amsterdam, a city absolutely flat with fantastic weather and lots of bike lanes.  So why not rent a bike? “Valenbisi” is the municipal service with locations all throughout the city and take a ride along the dry riverbed of el Turia and its magnificent gardens which border the whole city ending not far from the beach and the port of Valencia.

San Pio V

The Museum San Pio V located next to the Viveros (nurseries) along the gardens of the Turia is a spectacular Baroque building, comprised of not only an important collection of Valencian works of art but also an unparallel collection of Baroque altarpieces.


IVAM or Valencian Institute of Modern Art

El IVAM, also located along the Turia gardens, is one of the most important museums of Modern art in Spain today.  It includes not only the main building with an incredible facade in which stands out a glazed hall under a great corbel but expositions in nearby churches which have been rehabilitated.  There is always something interesting to see!

La Ciudad de la Artes y Ciencias

Visit La Ciudad de las Artes y  Ciencias a unique architectural ensemble like no other built to promote travel to Valencia.  This complex houses some of the world’s most cutting edge science and art exhibits. 


Malvarosa Beach

No one should leave the city of Valencia without visiting Malvarosa beach with its miles and miles of golden sand and crystal clear blue waters.  Along the beach are a number of restaurants and tapas bars with wonderful terraces, excellent views of the beach and delicious food.  My mouth waters thinking of the paellas of either rabbit or fish accompanied with a fresh tomato salad, some sepionet, a small member of the squid family, and of course a good glass of Valencian wine which in the last years have begun to make a name for themselves.   

Parque Natural de la Albufera

Valencia is located about 5 km away from el Parque Natural de la Albufera one of the most outstanding natural parks in the peninsula.  It is imperative to visit it, getting lost in its pine forests along the sea, taking a boat trip on the inland lake of Albufera, watching the Yisa jump and flocks of wild ducks and other birds.  Sunsets here are breathtaking!

These are not by any means the only things to do in Valencia as this city has lots to offer but it will definitely give you an overview of what to expect once you get there.  Buen Viaje or as they say in Valencia Bon Viatge!

Thank you to Ana Rodulfo for providing this valuable information about the city where she lives and that she loves.


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