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Spanish weather is extremely varied due to the peninsula's unique location at the western edge of Europe and situated about 14km from Africa at its narrowest point. Spain is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the east and its continental land mass and high mountainous terrain makes Spanish weather one of the most diverse in Europe.

The Northern coastal regions are cool and humid with an average annual temperature of 14°C(57°F) with temperatures ranging from an average of 10°C(50°F) in January through March to 19°C (66°F) during July through September. The central plateau or "meseta" is cold in the winter and hot in the summer while Andalucia and Levante have a very mild climate for the most part except in the summer months when temperatures can reach 40°C (104°F) in the shade. Check out this table showing the average 12 month temperature for most cities.

In general you can usually rely on pleasant or hot temperatures just about everywhere in Spain from April to early November.


Weather in the summer can get very hot, particularly inland like Madrid. The average temperatures are at least 30°C. Coastal areas enjoy cool breezes that bring temperatures down to a more bearable level. During the summer there's an average 11 to 12 hours of sunshine per day and it hardly rains at all.


Autumn is a great time to visit Spain; the landscape gets green again, the sea stays warm and average air temperatures can still reach up to 28°C. It's only in November that temperatures drop to around 20°C. Heading towards the winter the daily sunshine hours are reduce substantially.


Weather in Spain in the winter, coastal temperatures hover at about 17°C. Although sunny and warm during the day, it can feel very cold at night. Inland, it gets much colder, especially in mountainous areas like Granada.


Late spring, in anticipation of summer, is a magical time in Spain. As the days get longer, we get warm settled weather, with average temperatures rising to about 21°C inland and about 24°C on the Southern coast. There's an average of 11 hours sun per day.

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