Spain Visa

What are the passport and Spain visa requirements?

American citizens can enter Spain or Andorra visa-free for periods of up to three months, all you will need is your passport along with either a  return or on-going ticket or proof of funds.  What if you do not have your passport yet and you want to go on vacation right away? Express Passport can help you expedite the receipt of your passport!  They work with the U.S. Passport Agency to secure your passport in as little as 24 hours...

If you are looking to stay in Spain for longer than ninety days, you will be required to obtain an extension of stay from the Spanish immigration authorities.  This extension, of no more than ninety days, must be requested at a police station at least three weeks before the initial entry period expires.  Keep in mind these extensions are only granted under exceptional circumstances.  By law, foreigners who have overstayed their permitted time will not be allowed to leave Spain without first obtaining an exit permit from the Directorate of Security of the State in Madrid or from the local police in another city.  A fine, commensurate with the time overstayed, may be charged.

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