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Spain car rentals...You can travel around Spain by train, but if you really want to explore the countryside and the little villages you will need to rent a car.  I do not suggest that you rent a car if you are staying in the larger cities, such as:  Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia etc. as you will find the hassle of having a car much more than you want to deal with, for one parking is expensive and hard to come by.  Major cities have fantastic public transportation that in the end will be cheaper, faster and give you less headaches.

Spain car rentals....If you are planning on renting a car in Spain plan your trip accordingly beginning and ending your journey in one of the larger cities, in such a way that when you arrive you can spend a couple of days in the city and then rent a car for your road trip out to the countryside, then drop off the car in the city you plan to visit before you leave Spain.

  First things first...
What is an IDP or International Driving Permit?

Spain car rentals...An IDP or International Driving Permit is a multiple-language document that verifies that you have a valid driver’s license.  While many countries may not officially recognize your driver’s license, they will accept your valid U.S. license  if you also carry an IDP.

Do I need one when traveling to Spain and renting a car?

According the United States state department US citizens driving in Spain are required to have an IDP as you are not allowed to drive on your American license.  They further state that while many rental cars may rent you a vehicle without the IDP this is illegal and if pulled over for a traffic violation you may be detained and your rental car towed to the nearest impound lot.  Remember, the IDP is not valid by itself and must be carried with along with your driver’s license.  Honestly I personally have never had an issue renting a car in Spain without an IDP but if you feel safer having one it will cost you about $15.00 and you can get it in the US  before your trip.

Basic road rules in Spain

The roads are classified as follows:  note speed limits are strictly enforced

Autopista – motorway it is designated by either an A or an E prefix before the road number.  Many but not all are toll roads and  the max speed limit is 120kph (75 mph)

Autovia -  this is similar to the Autopista but it is not a toll road, speed limit is also 120kph (75 mph)

Carretera Nacional – national road has the pre fix N or CN before the road number, speed limits vary from 60(37mph)  to 100kph (62mph).

Carretera Comarcal – has the prefix C before the road number and it is more like a country road speed limit is between 80(50mph) -100kph(62mph)

Carretera Local – local highways speed most of the time are not marked but should not exceed 100kph(62mph)  keep in mind that it varies according to the area so make sure you pay attention.

Carretera de Ciudad – city roads speed limit 50kph(31mph).

KEEP IN MIND when you rent a car in Spain Speed limits are strictly enforced. While many parts of Spain do not have speed cameras, there are frequent road checks by the Guardia Civil & on-the-spot fines are imposed; a minimum fine is about 90€

Spain Car Rentals
Important things you should know while renting a car in Spain…

Spain car rentals.....Please make sure that you follow the rules unless you want to risk getting a ticket...

  • The use of cells phones is strictly prohibited without a hands free device (not even an earpiece) while driving a car.  There is a fine of 300€ for violation of this regulation and loss of driving privileges.  To be able to use the phone you must be completely off the road.

  • Spain has very strict drunk driving laws so make sure you do not drink and drive.

  • Seat belts are required for all passengers whether sitting in the front or back of the vehicle.  If you are traveling with small children please check with your car hire services as to what kind of child safety seats you must use…

  • One of the facets of Spanish traffic laws that many U.S. citizens find troublesome is traffic stops by the Spanish National Police or the Guardia Civil. Unlike in the United States where drivers receive traffic tickets and then pay the court via mail or in person, Spanish police authorities may levy fines on the spot and issue a receipt for the payment. This is done to ensure the traffic fine is paid by foreigners who rarely come back to Spain to pay the fine.   If you do get stopped for any kind of infraction make sure to carry the following documents with you:  Driver’s License, IDP (International Driving Permit), certificate of insurance (whether your insurance from home or proof of insurance acquired when renting the car) it will make your life much easier…

Spain Car Rentals
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