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Madrid Barajas International Airport


The Madrid airport or Madrid Barajas International Airport is located 12 km north east of the city of Madrid.  It is considered the most important airport in Spain and one of the largest and more transited airports in Europe.  Around 48.2 million passengers came through the airport in 2009.   It has inbound flights from all over the world and it is most likely the first airport you will land at when traveling to Spain and other Spanish destinations from the US. 


The Airport has 4 terminals connected by free shuttles that operate on a 24 hour time table as follows:

  • From 6:30am to 11:30pm every 5 minutes

  • From 11:30 pm to 1:50 am every 20 minutes

  • From 1.50 am to 6:30 am every 40 minutes

Please note it takes the bus between 7-10 minutes to make the journey from Terminal T4 to Terminals, T1, T2 & T3.

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There are several ways to get to and from Barajas International airport depending on your preference and budget.  I particularly love the new train line that takes you from the Madrid airport to the city center.  Keep in mind that if you have a lot of luggage it might not be the best option.

Train Sign Train

The metro line 8 (pink) links the airport to the city center at Nuevos Ministerios in about 12 minute.  This mode of transportation is fast and affordable. Check out a map of the metro here.

Note.  Some airlines now allow you to check your baggage at the Metro Station located in Nuevos Ministerios that way you do not have to worry about taking the heavy stuff with you on your way to the airport.

bus sign Bus

The new 200 bus line (red bus) leaves Terminal 2 and passes by Terminal 1, before heading to the Avenida de América which is the last stop.  The bus leaves Terminal 2 approximately every 10 minutes for 6:00am to 11:30pm (15-20 minutes on weekends on weekends and holidays 7:00am to 11:30am).  The Madrid Travel Pass  will allow you travel throughout the region of Madrid with ease.  The pass entitles you to use all public transportation services with unlimited use within the period of validity .  You can choose from 1 to 7 day pass for either Zone A which will take you to most the of the sights and museums or Zone T which covers central Madrid as well as Toledo and Guadalajara.


Depending on the traffic it will take you 20-30 minutes to get from Airport to the city center.  The price of the cab fare will vary but do not fret the rates and additional charges are fully explained and displayed in all cabs.  Note there is an extra cost for picking up and dropping off at the airport. 

Shuttle Bus

If you find the cost of private transfer a bit expensive you might like to consider booking a seat on a  Shuttle Bus at Madrid Airport which stops at a number of place in the capital.

 Private Transfers

A very convenient service is to pre-book a Madrid Private Airport Transfer and have a driver meet you and take you to your destination.  Vehicles are available for all group sizes and to all destinations.

However you decide to go, you are sure to have wonderful time getting there....


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