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Ibiza Nightlife where anything goes and the party never stops...

Ibiza is world re known for its club scene and nightlife, tourists come from all over the world just to be a part of the party scene of the island.  The entrance fees are typically high but usually in the afternoons promoters for the clubs walk around the main beaches handing out free entrance passes and promoting the events of that night, so it is always good to keep an eye out for them.  You can also buy tickets online at the various club's websites sometimes they are cheaper than at the door,  keep in mind that August is most popular month so tickets are even more expensive then.



Most of the clubs will open their doors around 2:00am although Amnesia, Privilege, Pacha and El Divino do so usually at midnight.

If you are planning on drinking make sure not to drive as the local police are not as lenient as they use to be, you are better finding out the schedule of the shuttles that operate between the clubs and run until about 6 am.

Below we have list of the more popular clubs sure to please any traveler looking for a good time:

Located just 4 km from Ibiza town on the road to San Rafael.  Amnesia is considered among the best clubbing spaces.  It was voted Best Global Club at the International Dance Music Awards in Miami.  It has two rooms, a dark cavernous one and another flood with light when the sun rises.  

Website  Amnesia Ibiza

Located in Ibiza town just opposite the marina Pacha remains the most famous spot in the island it is also the most beautiful and expensive.    It is definitely worth going to particularly when they host their theme parties.  Expect to pay 40€ to 60€ for most parties.  The price increases as the island gets busier and the parties get more popular.  A Vodka Lemon costs approx. 15€ and a beer 12€.

Website  Pacha Ibiza


Privilege is 5 km outside of Ibiza town it is the world’s largest nightclub with room for 10,000 people.  The main DJ booth is suspended above the swimming pool and the large windows offer gorgeous views over the island.  Truly an Ibiza experience!

Website  Privilege Ibiza


Located next to the beach at Playa d'en Bassa Space is synonymous around the world as one of the temples of electronic dance music. Unique through many of its years by offering unadulterated daytime clubbing, the Space Terrace ranks alongside the Paradise Garage and Haçienda in terms of influence and impact. A sprawling and modern discoteca, with 6 different areas, Space is Ibiza power clubbing at its finest with a particular emphasis on bringing only the best international DJs across the genres.

Website  Space Ibiza

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