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Ibiza activities...Ibiza, of course is widely known as a party destination but let's not forget the beautiful geography and the variety of outdoor adventure sports available on the island.  Sailing is probably the most popular sport in Ibiza.  Ibiza's moderate climate and hilly landscape make it possible to go for nice  treks or do some mountain biking particularly in the North East of the island which is still relatively undeveloped.  The coast cliffs are great for climbing and the clear turquoise water is ideal for snorkeling.

For those of us that rather go shopping the Las Dalias Market is a must.  Opened in 1985 it was anIbiza-las-Dalias-Market instant hit and has grown to include a Night Market, several weeks of indoor market for Christmas and even running several days during Easter week.  Here you can find all kinds of artesian products with over 100 stalls, a restaurant and a DJ it is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon enjoying the music and live shows that take place while you find things to buy to bring home.  Its popularity has placed it among the ranking of the “Markets of the World”.

Another excursion is to take the ferry to Formentera, a half hour journey, once there rent a moped and explore this small island.  Its beaches are incredible at par with any Caribbean beach.  During the months of July and August the island is filled with tourist, the best time to visit is in either June or September.

Whether your heading to Ibiza for clubbing, a romantic gateway or a family vacation there are activities for everyone to enjoy, so make some plans and join us next time we are there. 

We look forward to seen you!



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