Easter Week Sevilla

Easter Week Sevilla is universally famous let's see why...


Easter Week Sevilla starts on Palm Sunday, this is the largest and most elaborate celebration of its kind and people come from all over Spain and the world to experience it.  Sevilla has been holding Easter Week celebrations since the 16th century, these celebrations are famous for their processions - more than sixty of them over the course of the week.  Some 50,000 people put on traditional robes to parade in the organized processions while the costaleros (bearers) carry the pasos (religious statues) all of this accompanied by nazarenos and penitentes carrying candles and crosses.  Processions are held at night every day and each of them carries statues of Christ and the Virgin Mary from their church to the Cathedral and back.  The saetas, flamenco songs recited a cappella from the balconies in honor of the statutes, constitute extremely emotional moments in the procession.

The most important part of the celebration takes place during the early hours of Good Friday, at that time some of the most venerated statues make their way through the streets of Sevilla such as Jesús del Gran Poder, la Macarena, la Esperanza de Triana and el Cristo de los Gitanos.  The streets are filled with people and emotion as the processions make their way.  Arm yourself with a lot of patience as the waits to see the statues can be rather long.


The processions can be seen at any point during their routes except for where "official section" is located, to be able to see the procession from these seats and stands you must contact the Consejo Superior de Hermandades y Cofradía to reserve seats.

Easter week is one of the most spectacular fiestas celebrated throughout Spain.  Religious devotion, art and music come together to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ and create numerous scenes of somber beauty.


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