Balearic Islands

Balearic Islands are an extraordinary tourist destination for those that want to enjoy the best the Mediterranean has to offer.

Formentera • Ibiza


The Balearic Islands are among one of the most important tourist destinations in the world.  Millions of European tourists flock to their beaches every year and thousands of Germans have picked the island of Mallorca, the biggest one of the archipelago, as their permanent residence.  Ibiza is known among tourist looking for the party scene and nights that never end.  Many celebrities own property either in Mallorca or Ibiza, even the King of Spain and his family spend many vacations here, it s not difficult to understand why.  Despite the mansions owned by celebrities and cheap sun, beach and disco tourism the Balearic Islands are an extraordinary tourist destination for those that want to enjoy the best the Mediterranean has to offer.

Mallorca, the biggest of all of the islands, has a wonderful coast line with pristine preserved coves.  Its capital, Palma, is a pleasant city with a magnificent cathedral and a very interesting old quarter, where the footprints of the old Jewish community are still very palpable.  The interior of the island retains its ancient culture, which is expressed, as in the other islands in Catalan.  It has a mountain range to the west, the mountains of Formentor, in which snow is not all that uncommon.  Mass tourism without a doubt has hurt its beauty but the island still preserves a number of interior villages and beaches on the coast that should not be missed.menorca-cala

Menorca, the second largest, is less known than Mallorca or Ibiza.  Its interior is plain and swept by the wind.  Its coastline has, as those that have been fortunate to have been there, some of the best beaches and coves of the Mediterranean, sometimes difficult to access but a real treasure.  Two cities compete, Mahon, the capital of the island, and Citadel, which retains a British flair as it belonged to Britain for over fifty years.

Ibiza is the third of the islands.  Gone are the sixties and seventies when hundreds of young hippies landed here convinced to have found paradise.  Pine forests in the interior mountains, small villages with white washed houses and spectacular coves make it very difficult to leave; this is the Mediterranean in its purest form.  Let’s not forget the beautiful city of Ibiza old, joyful, a true fishing village.  

Close to Ibiza is the smallest of the islands, Formentera.  Until recently it was difficult to get there, the only Ibiza, ibiza hotels, restaurants, beaches, travelway was to take a boat out of Ibiza that would leave once a week.  Its isolation as well as poverty protected the island from mass tourist development in the second half of the twentieth century.  So today it has been able to remain untouched, the best treasure of the Spanish Mediterranean. 

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